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You can use this tool to convert any number system to the any other number system. Just enter the number you have, say decimal 10, and click on any box and the routine will calculate the binary (base 2), ternary (base 3), quintal (base 5), octal (base 8), decimal (base 10) and hexadecimal (base 16).



Have you ever seen a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) that looks really odd? Do you want to know where you are really going? Then, use this tool to convert any URI to reveal the real address. Just paste in the URI, click on the Reveal URI button and you will see the real address. We have provided you with an example, should you not understand the purpose of this routine. Enjoy!

Obfuscated URI

Intial unobfuscation
Final unobfuscation

You can use the following tool to convert any ASCII character to its decimal, hexadecimal or binary value. Just enter the character and click the calculate button.  It takes upper and lowercase characters.

Input one character:

ASCII Decimal Output
ASCII Hex Output
ASCII Binary Output

If you travel as much as we do, you'll appreciate this handy calculator. Use it to figure the distance between two cities. Select the two cities from the dropdown box and click the button. Now you know your frequent flyer miles (or kilometers)!!