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There are many useful security and audit links on the Web. In the interest of brevity, Peter Davis+Associates is pleased to provide this list of Top Ten Security Links. We hope you enjoy them!
  1. Purdue CERIAS Project - Formerly COAST, now Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security. The only thing that changed is the name: still an excellent resource.
  2. NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse - National Institute of Standards and Technology. Has a lot of information on computer security.
  3. Packetstormsecurity.org - Excellent resource site for current security tools: including hacker tools.
  4. CERT - Computer Emergency Response Team. Good source for security advisories and Internet incident statistics.
  5. Anonymity and privacy on the Internet - Learn how to be anonymous, and how to secure your communications and files from third parties, as well as several other important security aspects that may arise when you are on the Internet.
  6. Computer Security Information - National Institutes of Health's excellent security resource.
  7. Security World Wide Web (WWW) Sites - Pointers to WWW sites that provide information about computer security.
  8. Security Groups and Organizations - List of groups and organizations that provide information to the public or their members about computer security issues.
  9. Unix System Security Checklist - An excellent UNIX security checklist.
  10. Microsoft TechNet Security Tools - From the horse's mouth, an excellent Windows security and administration information.

Just a teaser. Check Peter T. Davis' bookmarks for additional security and audit links.