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Peter Davis+Associates is pleased to provide these security articles for your enjoyment.
Windows NT Server IIS
Windows 95
Java, JavaScript and ActiveX
Intrusion Detection Systems
Security Industry Shakeout
Securing Groupware
Client/Server Audit: One Bite At A Time
Configuring Cisco Denial of Service Security Features - Part 1
Configuring Cisco Denial of Service Security Features - Part 2
Configuring Cisco Lock-and-Key
Configuring Cisco Reflexive Access Lists
Dysfunctional Controls: Useless, Impractical, Inefficient and Poorly-Designed
TCPA: Who Can You Trust?
When Getting the Audit Done Is the Only Thing
Palladium: Friend or Foe?
Commentary: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
Data Management: Data Destructon and Preservation

We hope you enjoy these papers. Please come back to read new articles.