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There are many useful CAATT links on the Web. Without prejudice (or endorsement), Peter Davis+Associates is pleased to provide this list of CAATT (Computer-Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques) Links. We hope you use and enjoy them!
  1. ACL Services Ltd. - Audit Command Language (ACL).
  2. Broadbase Information Systems Inc. - Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Suite 3.0.
  3. Business Objects SA - WebIntelligence 2.5: Query, reproting and analysis for the Web.
  4. CaseWare International Inc. - Working papers, practice administration software.
  5. CICA - Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis (IDEA).
  6. Cognos - Visualizer.
  7. Comshare Inc. - BudgetPLUS 3.0.
  8. DataWatch - Monarch/ES.
  9. DbSecure - SQL Auditor software (part of Database Scanner from ISS).
  10. Decimal Technologies - Activity-Based Cost Management Software.
  11. Expert Choice Inc. - AHP.
  12. Hummingbird Communications Inc. - Graphical GUI.
  13. Linton Shafer - WIP/400: AS/400 practice management, timekeeping, project tracking, and invoicing.
  14. MethodWare Limited - COBIT Advisor and Auditors' Toolset.
  15. MicroStrategy Incorporated - DSS Suite: DSS Agent and DSS Web; tools for data warehousing.
  16. OneLink Business Communications - TeleSmart: transform telecommunications data into visual business intelligence.
  17. Paisley Consulting - AutoAudit 2000, AutoAudit SE, AutoAudit BASICS and Workforce.
  18. PeopleFax.com - Send free faxes anytime, anywhere in the USA.
  19. Pleier & Associates - ADM PLUS.
  20. Seagate Software - Crystal Reports.
  21. Security Software Solutions - Veris: Social Security Number validation service.
  22. Spotfire - Spotfire Pro Version 4.0.
  23. SPSS Inc. - SYSTAT.
  24. Visual Insights - Advizor.
  25. WizSoft Inc. - WizRule, WizWhy, WizStock, and WizBank software.

Just a teaser. Check Peter T. Davis' bookmarks for additional security and audit links.