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 Is your network safe?

Bad guys want to steal your data.  Crackers want to rattle you?   A disgruntled employee wants to shaft you?  Is your network safe?  Is your web site safe? 

  You should have a pro take a look.

There are a lot of places your network and systems can be compromised.   Only an information security pro knows them all.

  Peter Davis+Associates are pros.

Peter Davis, the principal, was a security auditor for Ernst & Young, held senior government security roles, and has authored 10 books including Wireless Networks for Dummies.  Peter knows computer security.  See about Peter Davis + Assoc.

  Here are some valuable free tools.

There is a ton of good info on security on the net.  We've tried to organize it to make it accessible to you.  See security/audit info.

  Your move...

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